#33 – Taming of the Proud – Part III

In the previous issue of "ODE TO FOX", Argentina's Belén Zenere squared off against Kaitlyn Langton of USA in the new season opener. Kaitlyn was accompanied by her partner, the IWFC champion Gisele Medeiros, who joined Michael Foles at the pit side for color commentary. It was a closely fought contest that saw Belén eventually prevailing over Kaitlyn in the fifth and final fall when she choked the American blonde out cold in the middle of the pit. Rather than taking the win graciously, Belén opted to humiliate her vanquished opponent by grinding and humping all over Kaitlyn's face. Gisele answered this open provocation by lunging herself at the Argentinian brunette. They were quickly broken up by the referee. It took the IWFC weeks to set up a fight between these two South American rivals. In this issue, Belén Zenere and Gisele Medeiros finally faced each other again for the third time. During their first encounter, they fought with such intensity that Belén got disqualified for trying to bite at Gisele's privates. Their second encounter in the previous season also resulted in a win for the Brazilian when she rendered Belén unconscious in the fifth and final fall of the match. Was third time a charm for Belén? Somebody got fisted at the end of the match. Flip the pages to find out who it was.


#28 – In the Beginning

All fascinations with catfights begin somewhere. In this issue Michael Foles interviewed Stefanos Cosse, the owner of the IWFC, on what and who motivated him to start his female fight club. Sitting in his office chair Stefanos narrated the tale of his first encounter with Réka Molnár, a university student who became his neighbor when he first moved to the suburban town of Foxton more than ten years ago. Réka was a rich Hungarian girl, proud and contemptuous. She sneered at her new neighbor's attempts to befriend her, and it frustrated Stefanos because he had grown quite attracted to her. The situation turned one day when Stefanos witnessed a fight between Réka and her Italian schoolmate Valeria Azerli in the backyard. And a few weeks later another fight took place in front of him between Réka and Lorna Fiscella. It was these two incidents that initiated him into the world of catfighting. Flip the page and find out what happened.

#26 – Bring It On

Vengeance - the only word on Kaitlyn Langton's mind after she had suffered her most humiliating defeat at the hands of Gisele Medeiros last season. For months she had been brooding for revenge while the IWFC refused to set her up against Gisele for a rematch citing safety reasons. Finally she could hold up no longer. Last week, Kaitlyn crashed a scheduled photoshoot session with Gisele Medeiros and Ida Svensson for the annual IWFC calendar. Gisele showed up late to the studio, so it was Ida who had the displeasure of confronting the bellicose Kaitlyn. The poor Dane made an unwise decision to slight the former queen of the Hellcatz and she was promptly wiped out in a bedroom catfight. In this issue Kaitlyn replaced Ida as Gisele's opponent for the IWFC calendar. With her wish finally granted, Kaitlyn unleashed her fury on the most hated woman of her life. The fight was so brutal that the lingerie on both women were shredded to pieces, giving them fresh ideas to use and abuse their exposed privates. Did Kaitlyn seize the moment and avenge herself, or did Gisele reign triumphant again? The stage was larger than ever as the poster-sized calendar would display in full the winner's victory pose over the vanquished. The ending was too gory for illustrations, flip and find out what happened.

#25 – Out of My Way

Last year the IWFC invited Yvonne Lefébure of France and Ida Svensson of Denmark to shoot photos for the new calendar. A mock catfight turned into an all out brawl as the women clearly didn't see eye to eye. Yvonne eventually won the fight and pose on the naked spread-eagled Ida, displaying her privates for the world to see. The resulting calendar sold like hot cakes as the fans much preferred a winner posing over a loser after a real fight. Back by popular demand, this year the IWFC decided to shoot another photo session of a real catfight for the upcoming calendar. The Danish blonde Ida Svensson was invites back to face the hottest fighter from last season - the newly crowned queen of the Hellcatz, Gisele Medeiros of Brazil. In this issue of "ODE TO FOX", Ida had just slipped on her lingerie while waiting for Gisele in the photo studio when Kaitlyn Langton showed up, clad in her own sexy undergarments. The former alpha cat demanded that Ida steps aside so she could take on the Brazilian superstar. Fans of the comics will remember how Kaitlyn suffered the most humiliating loss of her career when she was choked unconscious by Gisele and then made to surrender her queen of the Hellcatz title during last season's finale. Revenge was on her mind, but Ida refused to back down. A catfight ensued until one of the women was knocked unconscious by a high impact move. Did Ida successfully fend off Kaitlyn, or did the former cat queen dish out a proper lesson to the young feline? Flip the pages and find out.

#23 – Drown Her Out

Callisto Lucioni of Italy had always been one of the premiere fighters in the IWFC. Ever since her defeat in the title fight by the Russian champion Yulia Koroleva two seasons ago, she had been working hard to climb back to the top. In a week's time she would be going up against Sonia Gilliéron of Switzerland in a shootfight for the number one contendership. These two had a huge score to settle. Not only did Sonia look to avenge her own loss against Callisto, she also blamed the Italian for the retirement of her best friend Heidi Driegen five years ago. Heidi was a Dutch blonde who fought actively in Stefanos' underground fight club before the launch of the IWFC. But after she had suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Yulia Koroleva in a dungeon fight, she quit the fighting world broken-spirited. Stefanos had hoped to lure he back and kept her in the club working non-combat duties until one day Callisto decided to provoke her to a fight. In this flashback issue of "ODE TO FOX", we retrace the catfight that Sonia thought was responsible for her friend's retirement from the IWFC for good. But Callisto claimed she was only trying to help Heidi. Who was right and what transpired in the fight? Flip the page and find out.

#21 – Ain’t No Pussycat

During last season's finale, Kaitlyn Langton suffered an epic defeat at the hands of Gisele Medeiros. In the most humiliating submission of her career, the former queen of the hellcatz not only surrendered the match but she also gave up her crown to the Brazilian diva. It had been two months and the IWFC held its annual new year's party at Stefanos' Argentinian ranch. At the party Kaitlyn was slighted by the French fighter Yvonne Lefébure who had her own feud with various Hellcatz members over the years. A fight nearly broke out between these two feisty felines before they were separated. The next morning, however, both women confronted one another to settle their differences. In this issue, we will follow Kaitlyn and Yvonne in their Argentinian ranch catfight. These two faced each other three years ago in a wrestling match with Yvonne coming out on top. But Kaitlyn later revealed that she had suffered a neck sprain prior to the match. Will she be able to subdue the French woman and avenge her previous loss, or will Yvonne back up her words with action and lay waste to the fallen cat? Read and find out.

#19 – I’ll Make You Cry

Previously, Kaitlyn Langton the queen of the Hellcatz invited Gisele Medeiros to join the prestigious stable if she could defeat Ireland’s Bridget Turner. In a wrestling match pitting the Brazilian sensation against the Irish vixen, Gisele not only won the fight, she absolutely demolished Bridget. At the end of the match, Gisele revealed her ambition to supplant Kaitlyn as the new queen of the Hellcatz. In this issue, Charlotte Cummings who was second only to Kaitlyn in the Hellcatz hierarchy, took exception to Gisele's audacity. These two had an old score to settle that dated all the way back to the beginning of last season when Gisele was interviewing for a spot on the IWFC roster. The Brazilian eventually prevailed over Charlotte in that office catfight, but not before giving up a submission to her first. The Brit had been brooding for revenge. An impromptu fight on grass left no doubt who was the better woman this time as victor walked away with her head held high, and the vanquished was left choking on her own tears.