#30 – Rise of a Champion

It has been three years since the arrival of Brazil's Gisele Medeiros to the IWFC. Over the times, she has beaten and crushed almost everyone who stood in her way. The only loss on her otherwise unblemished record was to the IWFC champion Yulia Koroleva at the beginning of this season. It was an impromptu non-title match set up by the commissioner after the fans had voted Gisele the Hottest Fighter of the Year honor in the previous season. And what a fight it was. Gisele was eventually overpowered and succumbed to a five-count pin in the middle of the pit. But the real humiliation for the Brazilian came after the fight when she and Yulia brawled again in the backstage area. This time not only was Gisele defeated again, but as a sign of her submission she was forced to take a deep dive and pleasure Yulia with her tongue - all of this captured on camera. In this issue of "ODE TO FOX", we reach the season finale as Gisele Medeiros is set to face Yulia Koroleva once more, this time to challenge her for the IWFC championship in a shootfight. Will there be a newly crowned champion? Or will the challenger fall short once again? Flip the pages and find out.


#24 – A Long Time Coming

Callisto Lucioni is one of the most despised female in the IWFC. The man-stealing Italian brunette is a real trouble maker and she loves to prey on other weaker women. Previously in the flashback issue, we saw how she bullied the Netherlands' Heidi Driegen years ago and permanently retired her from the catfighting world after drowning her and choking her unconscious in the swimming pool. And when the veteran fighter Sonia Gilliéron tried to avenge her friend, Callisto crushed her in an office catfight and utterly humiliated the Swiss blonde. It's been three years since their last encounter. In this issue of "Ode To Fox", Callisto and Sonia meet again in the IWFC ring in a shootfighting contest for the number-one contendership. Will Callisto move on to challenge Yulia again for the IWFC title? Or will Sonia avenge Heidi and herself in this grudge match? Read and find out.

#17 – Tears of Pain

The last time we saw the beautiful Callisto in a shootfight was in the championship match against Yulia Koroleva of Russia. Unfortunately for her, she lost that fight and was choked out in the middle of the ring by the Russian champion. Since then she had been fighting hard to climb her way back to the top. To regain her number one contender status, she must go through Freja Jörgensen of Sweden in another shootfight. Freja was one of the most tenacious young fighters in the IWFC. She never submitted a single match (her only loss was against Argentina's Belén Zenere when she was choked unconscious). Last season in a fierce fight against the American fighter Vanessa Chewey, Freja injured her neck and she was out of the IWFC for more than a year. But now she's back with a vengeance. In this issue of "Ode To Fox", we will follow the amazing shootfight between these two gorgeous women. An experienced pro going up against a dogged rising star, neither would accept a loss. One of them was reduced to tears, but she kept on fighting. Who prevailed in the end? Flip the pages and find out.

#15 – Payback’s a Bitch

Belén is a young brunette from Argentina. She's tall, beautiful, and well built. Coming from a famous professional wrestling family, she sought instant fame and success in the IWFC. But her dreams took a big blow when she faced Sonia of Switzerland in her debut fight. The inexperienced Argentinian foolishly challenged the veteran Hellcat to a shootfight, a specialized form of competition in the IWFC that was reserved for more experienced fighters. Overly confident, Belén was promptly defeated and thoroughly humiliated by the Swiss blonde. Now with two seasons of experience, Belén has revenge on her mind. She challenged Sonia again, and this time to a wrestling contest. In this issue, we'll follow this second encounter between these two amazing fighters. Belén is much bigger and stronger than the wily veteran, but Sonia has more than ten years of hard knocks under her belt. This is really youth vs. experience, power vs. skill. Who prevailed in the end?

#10 – Russian Blitz

Yulia of Russia is probably the greatest champion in the IWFC history. For two times she has won this coveted title. Her current reign began when she defeated Kaitlyn of USA more than a year ago. Fans around the world erupted on Twitter and Facebook when she finally locked her patented figure-four neck scissors for the third time and made Kaitlyn scream out her submission in tears. This match was voted the match of the year. Since winning the title for the second time, Yulia became the most active champion in the IWFC history as she defended her title against all comers. Female fighters from around the world vied to have a chance to take down this Russian beauty, but none has succeeded so far. In this issue, we finally arrived at the season finale as Callisto of Italy became the latest challenger to the crown. Ever since returning to the IWFC, this Italian tigress had been on a tear, destroying all foes standing in her way. We witnessed her destruction of Charlotte in previous issues of the comic. Now the moment has finally come for her to face Yulia for the championship. We saw how Yulia had dominated her in a catfight six years ago. But Callisto was an inexperienced rookie back then. She vowed this time will be different. This match turned out to be a brawl. In the end, somebody got laid out cold in the middle of ring, with the winner standing over the vanquished in all her glory, gloating and talking trash. Will there be a new champion in the IWFC? Read and find out.

#05 – The Grudge

You have that man-stealing slut beaten to a bloody pulp in the center of the ring. Your deadly legs clamp tight around her waist. A hard squeeze and you feel the crack of her ribs. She screams at the top of her lungs. It's way beyond her submission point. She had surrendered the match long ago, but you wouldn't have it. Not even the referee could tear you off her. You want that bitch to pay for taking your man from you. So you climb on top of her like a lioness over her prey and sink in those teeth around the victim's neck. Warm blood gushes out and you relish it all in as her flailing limbs slump lifelessly onto the mat. Her body is now cold, but you can still feel her muscles reflexively twitching beneath you... Finally you wake up. It was all but a dream. The real fight awaits you. In our previous issue, we witnessed the bad blood between Charlotte and Callisto. They had a catfight and vicious brunette from Italy made the beaten UK blonde cry out her submission right in front of her man. Then she choked her out, leaving her buck naked on the open lawn, and walked off with Jeff (presumably to have hot sex in his bedroom). Charlotte had been brooding her revenge all month long. Now the moment had finally arrived. It was a shootfighting contest between her and Callisto to determine who will advance to fight the IWFC Champion Yulia of Russia. Shootfighting is no ordinary wrestling. It's No-Holds-Barred rules (or lack thereof) means the format is only reserved for the very best fighters in the IWFC. A novice wouldn't last a minute in the ring without suffering a broken rib or being choked unconscious. It is only under this fighting format that the coveted IWFC championship can change hands. Did Charlotte finally exact her revenge?