#34 – Taming of the Proud – Part IV


#32 – Taming of the Proud – Part II

In the previous issue of "ODE TO FOX", Argentina's Belén Zenere squared off against Kaitlyn Langton of USA in the new season opener. Kaitlyn was accompanied by her partner, the IWFC champion Gisele Medeiros, who joined Michael Foles at the pit side for color commentary. It was a closely fought contest that saw Belén eventually prevailing over Kaitlyn in the fifth and final fall when she choked the American blonde out cold in the middle of the pit. Rather than taking the win graciously, Belén opted to humiliate her vanquished opponent by grinding and humping all over Kaitlyn's face. Gisele answered this open provocation by lunging herself at the Argentinian brunette. They were quickly broken up by the referee. It took the IWFC weeks to set up a fight between these two South American rivals. In this issue, Belén Zenere and Gisele Medeiros finally faced each other again for the third time. During their first encounter, they fought with such intensity that Belén got disqualified for trying to bite at Gisele's privates. Their second encounter in the previous season also resulted in a win for the Brazilian when she rendered Belén unconscious in the fifth and final fall of the match. Was third time a charm for Belén? Somebody got fisted at the end of the match. Flip the pages to find out who it was.

#31 – Taming of the Proud – Part I

Female rivalries run aplenty in the IWFC, but none was greater than that between Gisele Meidaros and Belén Zenere. A blonde and a brunette, a Brazilian and an Argentinian, a world champion and an aspiring challenger - the new series of "ODE TO FOX" tells the tale of the best clash in the IWFC history. In this first issue, a new season began after Gisele had defeated Russia's Yulia Koroleva to become the new IWFC champion. She was invited to provide color commentary for the season opening fight between Belén Zenere and Kaitlyn Langton. Kaitlyn, a former champion herself and the ex-queen of the Hellcatz, was dethroned and tamed by Gisele last season. But the bad blood between them had since sizzled into heated passion. With her girlfriend cheering by the pit side, can Kaitlyn overcome the Argentine sensation who had defeated her once before, or will Belén reign victorious again over the veteran American blonde whom she deemed past her prime? The winner rode the loser's face into oblivion by the end of the match. Who came out on top? Flip and find out.

#29 – A Battle Down South

Argentina and Brazil, the rivalry between these two bordering South American nations goes beyond the world of soccer. Sparks fly wherever their athletes face one another in sports competition, and that certainly includes the IWFC. Gisele Medeiros of Brazil fought Belén Zenere of Argentina in a wrestling match two years ago while they were still novices. It was clear these two didn't like each other from the very start. They went at it with such intensity and ferocity that the match ended up in DQ. It took two years to arrange the rematch that will be featured in this edition of "ODE TO FOX". Both ladies had since become accomplished fighters in the IWFC. Gisele defeated Kaitlyn Langton last season and took over as the new queen of the Hellcatz. Belén, meanwhile, continued her domination in the pit. Her latest victim was Sonia Gilliéron, the veteran Hellcat who was set to face the IWFC champion in the season finale. But after the humiliating demolition derby she had suffered at the hands of Belén, she vacated her number one contendership status. Gisele was eager to avenge her fellow Hellcat. She challenged Belén in this best-of-five wrestling match with the winner moving on to face the IWFC champion Yulia Koroleva at the end of this season. There was finally a definitive victor emerging at the end of the fight, bringing closure to this South American rivalry, or did it? Flip the pages and find out.

#27 – Mother Smother

Loathing, like love, can be at first sight. This was the case between Sonia Gilliéron and Belén Zenere. Three seasons ago when Belén was just entering the IWFC, Sonia dismantled her in her debut fight. In what was post match humiliation, the veteran blonde from Switzerland even choked out the Argentinian rookie only because she didn't like her. With vengeance on her mind, Belén challenged Sonia again last season. She was outmatched, but at one moment in the fight she locked a tight sleeper on Sonia, who quickly extended her body beyond the wrestling pit to break the hold. In a fit of fury, Belén ignored the referee's repeated warnings to release her opponent, and was eventually disqualified. A victory was awarded to Sonia, perhaps the most ignominious win of her career as her lifeless body draped across the edge of wrestling pit. This unsettled score led these two vixens to face each other again for the third time. In this edition of ODE TO FOX comics, we will witness the ultimate clash between Sonia and Belén. An undisputed victor will emerge as she pins her opponent for the long ten-count, emphatically putting an end to their feud.

#22 – Clash of Titans

Last season, Gisele Medeiros of Brazil dethroned the American fighter Kaitlyn Langton and proclaimed herself the new alpha cat in the IWFC. But Russia's Yulia Koroleva took exception to that. As the reigning IWFC champion, she thought if anyone deserved the title alpha cat, it would be her. After exchanging a few unfriendly words at the end of last season, Yulia and Gisele seemed eager to get it on. In an effort to wet the appetite of the fans who had voted Gisele the hottest fighter, the commissioner decided to open the new season with a non-title wrestling match between these two of the best female fighters in the IWFC. In this issue of "Ode To Fox", we will cover the titanic matchup between Gisele Medeiros and Yulia Koroleva. On one side was the newly crowned queen of the Hellcatz who's still undefeated in the IWFC. On the other side was the reigning champion and perhaps the most dominant fighter in the club history. Who prevailed in the end? The fight was so intense that it continued backstage with the loser eating a bit more than her own words. Flip the page and find out what transpired.

#20 – The Alpha Cat

Years ago, a group of young blonde fighters banded together and wrecked havoc in Stefanos Cosse's underground fight club. The other female fighters referred to them as hellcats out of fear and respect. The name caught on, and the gang known as the Hellcatz became the most prestigious stable in the IWFC. Kaitlyn Langton, the American blonde from Miami Florida, had been ruling the den unopposed for a long time. She was easily one of the most dominant fighters in the IWFC, and nobody dared to challenge her authority in the stable until the arrival of Gisele Medeiros. The ambitious blonde from Brazil had been undefeated in the IWFC. She obliterated Bridget Turner of Ireland in a fight that was supposed to initiate her into the Hellcatz. Not satisfied, she revealed her intension to supplant Kaitlyn as the new queen. When she was confronted by Charlotte Cummings, Gisele reduced the UK veteran into a sobbing mess in a catfight outdoors. In this extended issue of the season's finale, Kaitlyn at last answered Gisele's challenge in a fight to the finish. It was a dream match between an unstoppable force and an immovable object. In the end, one blonde stood proud and victorious over her vanquished opponent. Did Kaitlyn finally snap Gisele's winning streak, or did the young Brazilian subdue the alpha cat and became the new queen of the Hellcatz?