Polls – Winners and Losers

Who do you think look hotter in a fight, the winner or the loser? And who are your favorite winners and losers in the comics thus far? Read a quick recap of all the comics below and make sure to cast your votes at the bottom of this page. There are three separate polls.

Defeated by a Novice


In Issue #01, the Brazilian rookie sensation Gisele shocked the world by face-sitting Charlotte of United Kingdom into a teary submission during her job interview.

Unfinished Business


In Issue #02, the Swedish fighter Freja choked out Yvonne of France just as time had expired. The match resulted in a draw with both girls splitting two falls each, leaving the question of who’s the better woman unresolved.

 Screaming Surrender


In Issue #03, both Gisele and Ida fought their hearts out in their debut match. But in the end the Brazilian took charge of her overwhelmed opponent and made sure the whole world heard the screaming final submission from the poor Dane.

Shamed Before Her Man


In Issue #04, Charlotte was stripped nude and rendered unconscious in front Jeff by her hated rival Callisto. Having proved her superiority, the sultry Italian walked off with Charlotte’s man, leaving the beaten Brit naked and lifeless in the backyard.

 Bitter Sweet Revenge


In Issue #05, Callisto defeated Charlotte yet again in a shootfighting contest. But Charlotte got the last laugh by choking the smug Italian out cold after the match and sending her to the hospital.

 Arrogant Pinfall


In Issue #06, Lorna of Costa Rica absolutely destroyed Ilze of Latvia. The tall Baltic blonde passed out from the pain. Instead of taking the TKO win, Lorna placed her foot atop Ilze and asked the referee for a dominating five-count pin.

 Total Knockout


In Issue #07, Ida of Denmark and Bridget of Ireland exchanged one KO submission hold after another, until finally Bridget locked on a devastating neck-scissors and put out the scrappy Danish fighter for good.

 Brawling on the Beach


In Issue #08, a friendly beach volleyball game gone awry as Lorna first tamed Stephanie of Australia and forced her to suck on her nipples. Then Callisto defeated Tülin by almost choking her out. The final fight had Callisto putting out the Latina spitfire once and for all.

 Admission of Superiority


In Issue #09, Callisto (as a rookie in the past) provoked Yulia of Russia to a catfight on the grass and she was utterly destroyed. As she howled her submission, she was forced to admit her opponent’s dominance over her.

 Underhanded Victory


In Issue #10, Yulia defended her IWFC Championship against Callisto. The Italian sensation was in control for most of the match until Yulia charged her by surprised as she was fixing her broken bikini string. The ruthless Russian choked her out cold in the middle of ring using her hand wrap.

 Schoolgirl Humiliation


In Issue #11, we go back to the college days when Yvonne challenged Tülin to a fight in front of the ‘brothers’ and the ‘sisters’ of their sorority. Not only did Yvonne beat up Tülin, she also got the poor Turk to confess her well-guarded secret. The French hottie went on to become the president of phi-omicron-ki.

 Battle of the Hottest


In Issue #12, two of the hottest fighters in the IWFC finally faced each other as Gisele stepped into the pit against Yvonne. When the dust settled, Gisele wrenched Yvonne’s complete surrender and also forced her to declare the Brazilian as the hotter girl.

 Facesit Smother


In Issue #13, Catalina of Spain confronted Lorna in a lingerie party. The vain Spaniard thought by being the mistress of Mr. Cosse (the IWFC owner), she could order everyone around. The saucy Latina taught her a lesson in humility and subsequently smothered her into utter oblivion.

Stripping Her Pride


In Issue #14, Tülin wrestled Lorna, who had turned down the Turk’s affection in the past. After decimating the Costa Rican blonde in the pit, Tülin forced her to strip herself nude. To reclaim her wrestling shorts, Lorna would have to go to Tülin’s house later that evening and perform some oral service that would finally satisfy the victor for good.