Zenere Belén

Name: Belén Zenere
Born: January 21, 1993
Height: 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight: 135 lb (61 kg)
Nationality: Argentina
Hometown: Buenos Aires
IWFC Record: 4-5-0


Early Life

Belén was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to the Zenere family, a household name in the professional wrestling industry. Her father was a superstar who made his name in America in the 1980s and 90s. Belén was the youngest of his six children and the only daughter in the family. A tomboy during her youth, she grew up playing with her five brothers and often socialized with other boys in her neighborhood on playgrounds. She was well-trained in amateur wrestling and often competed and won matches on the high school boys’ team. Mr. Zenere wanted his daughter to become a professional wrestler, but Belén had always been more interested in combat sports than the sports entertainment business. Upon graduating high school she competed in various woman’s fight club at local and national level, and she was dominant everywhere. A year later Belén left Argentina to seek tougher competition in the IWFC.

Fighting Style

Belén Zenere is noted for her solid wrestling fundamentals. When combined with her natural size and strength advantage, she makes a formidable opponent for any female fighter. Her favorite approach to a fight is to overpower her opponent first and then systematically wear her down until she’s defenseless. But her young age and inexperience often get her in trouble as she’s prone to get too aggressive. If an experienced fighter can withstand her initial assault, she stands a decent chance against this talented but foolhardy Argentinian.

Career in the IWFC

Belén joined the IWFC in April of 2011 at the age of 18. She became the youngest ever to fight in the club. Due to her pedigree as a Zenere she was accepted without an interview, and the move raised a lot of eyebrows in the IWFC. Overly confident, Belén challenged Sonia Gilliéron of Switzerland to a shootfighting contest in her debut match on April 10. The veteran Hellcat methodically picked her apart and reduced her to tears by the end of the fight. After that humbling experience, Belén redeemed herself by winning her next two matches in dominant fashion: defeating the Swedish fighter Freja Jörgensen by choking her out on June 12 and a clean sweep victory over Ranim Khouri of Egypt on August 21. But on October 2 in her final fight of the season, Belén was overpowered by Portugal’s Mercedes Teixeira who matched her strength for strength and quickly submitted her twice in a backstage catfight.

The start of 2012 season saw Belén upsetting Callisto Lucioni of Italy on April 8 via a quick pin-fall, and she was brutally attacked by the furious Italian star after the match. On July 16, she won against the Irish rookie sensation Bridget Turner by suffocating her unconscious with a rare hand-over-mouth smother. But then she suffered her own KO defeat at the hands of the Brazilian sensation Gisele Medeiros on September 9. Belén’s season reached the low on October 28 when she mocked Ida Svensson of Denmark backstage which led to a brawl. Despite being in control for most of the fight, Belén fell victim to a surprise figure-four neck-scissor and quickly passed out on the mat.

Belén’s 2013 season began on May 12 when she was pitted against Sonia Gilliéron in a wrestling rematch. After being down 2 falls to nil, the desperate Argentinian choked out Sonia illegally ignoring referee’s repeated warnings and she was disqualified. (See “Payback’s a Bitch”)


Loss swizerland_mini Sonia Gilliéron
(Best of 5)
2:0 Disqualified Payback’s
a Bitch
Loss denmark_mini Ida Svensson
2:1 Knockout
Loss brazil_mini Gisele Medeiros
(Best of 5)
3:2 Knockout
(Rear-Naked Choke)
Win ireland_mini Bridget Turner
(Best of 5)
3:1 Knockout
(Hand Smother)
Win italy_mini Callisto Lucioni
(Best of 5)
Loss portugal_mini Mercedes Teixeira
2:0 Submission
Win egypt_mini Ranim Khouri
(Best of 5)
3:0 Submission
Win sweden_mini Freja Jörgensen
(Best of 5)
3:1 Knockout
(Rear-Naked Choke)
Loss swizerland_mini Sonia Gilliéron
Shootfight Submission