Turner Bridget

Name: Bridget Turner
Born: March 19, 1992
Height: 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight: 123 lb (56 kg)
Nationality: Ireland
Hometown: Dublin
IWFC Record: 1-7-0


Early Life

Bridget Turner was considered a tomboy growing up. She loved the outdoors, and her hobbies include boxing and hunting. In high school, she was regularly bullied by a group of girls. She has noted this experience as one of the reasons she likes being a martial artist and having the ability to defend herself. In early 2011, she and her boyfriend attended an underground female fighting event when the Scandanavian catfighting league came to Dublin on a Pan-European tour. Bridget sneered at the fights as choreographed, and it was overheard by Ida Svensson who had just successfully defended her Queen of Catfight title. She challenged Bridget to a fight on the mat and the Irish girl accepted. In less than a minute, Bridget was choked unconscious. This was her first taste of catfight and she loved it. When Ida Svensson left for the IWFC in 2012, she followed her there.

Fighting Style

Bridget has a good combination of size and skills. She studied Dornálaíocht, an Irish form of boxing, growing up. While Bridget’s tall stature and long limbs are advantages if she stays upright during a fight, they become liabilities when she’s forced to grapple on the ground. Lack of serious actual combat experience also means she can fall prey to her opponent’s unconventional moves.

Career in the IWFC

Bridget Turner’s first opponent in the IWFC was Belén Zenere of Argentina. On July 16, 2012 they faced each other in a wrestling match. While Bridget was able to put up a good fight, she was eventually overpowered by her larger opponent and fell victim to a hand-smother that rendered her unconscious in the pit. Then on September 23 she finally got the match she had been waiting for against Ida Svensson of Denmark. As an added bonus, she would be accepted into the Hellcatz if she could defeat the Danish blonde. The contest was closely fought with both fighters exchanging knock-outs. Ultimately Bridget repaid Ida by choking her out with a head-scissor in the final fall, and successfully became a member of the Hellcatz. (See “The Irish Whip”)

In the 2013 season, she first fought Yulia Koroleva in a shootfight for the IWFC Championship on March 10. Despite her best efforts, she submitted to the Russian champion who sat on her and almost crushed her throat. On April 7 she lost another wrestling match against Ranim Khouri of Egypt who shrewdly exploited the Irish fighter’s weakness in ground grappling.


Loss swizerland_mini Sonia Gilliéron
Loss swizerland_mini Sonia Gilliéron
Loss brazil_mini Gisele Medeiros
(Best of 5)
Loss argentina_mini Belén Zenere
(Best of 5)
Loss egypt_mini Ranim Khouri
(Best of 5)
3:1 Submission
Loss russian_mini Yulia Koroleva
Shootfight Submission
Win denmark_mini Ida Svensson
(Best of 5)
3: 2Knockout
The Irish Whip
Loss argentina_mini Belén Zenere
(Best of 5)
3:1 Knockout
(Hand Smother)