Jörgensen Freja

Name: Freja Jörgensen
Born: June 22, 1990
Height: 5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight: 121 lb (55 kg)
Nationality: Sweden
Hometown: Stockholm
IWFC Record: 5-5-1


Early Life

Freja Jörgensen was a Swedish gymnast with Olympic aspirations. However at the age of 18 she failed to make the cut to represent Sweden in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. With her hopes dashed, she took out her frustration on her fellow gymnast Isabel Graaf whom she thought made the team unfairly over her. The two girls had never seen eye to eye, and one month before the olympics they got into a brawl after a routine training session in the gym. When the coaches and trainers heard loud cries in the locker room and rushed to the scene, Freja had already dislocated Isabel’s shoulder in an armlock. She was promptly booted off the national team, and shortly after began her career as a fighter in the Scandinavian catfighting league. The Brokartök Glima (a form of Swedish martial arts) training she had received since her childhood helped her to win 11 straight fights and made her the Queen of Catfight. She held the title for almost a year before losing to Denmark’s Ida Svensson who later became her friend. During the 2010 IWFC Christmas party, Freja met Kaitlyn Langton who was so impressed with her that she invited her to sign with the IWFC and join the Hellcatz. In the spring of 2011, Freja officially signed with the IWFC and became a member of the Hellcatz.

Fighting Style

Freja is very athletic and flexible, and she complements her pliant body with an unyielding mindset during a fight. In the Scandinavian catfighting league she was known to have never surrendered even if pain had pushed her into tears. Some say her stubbornness was foolish since she risked serious long term injuries. Freja studied Brokartök glíma for many years and is quite accomplished in this Swedish fighting form. But the Brokartök glíma strictly fights erect and her ground techniques are seriously lacking. She can be defeated if her opponent can take her down and out-grapple her.

Career in the IWFC

At the urge of Kaitlyn Langton, Freja Jörgensen signed with the IWFC on March 27, 2011 after she defeated Megan Callahan of Canada in an impromptu office catfight during her interview. Three months later, on June 26, she wrestled her first match against Belén Zenere of Argentina. The fight was one of the most vicious in club history. Freja was dominated by Belén with her hair torn out and her body bruised, but she refused to submit. In the end, she passed out in the clutches of Belén’s rear-naked choke. Although she lost the fight, she won great fame with her tenacity. In her final match of the season, Freja submitted Lorna Fiscella of USA on August 28 in a close contest.

To start the 2012 season Freja was pitted against one of the top fighters in the IWFC, Yvonne Lefébure of France on March 11. Not appreciating being slighted by the veteran French, Freja fought her heart out and clawed her way back from a 0:2 start to even the match. She eventually choked Yvonne out in the closing seconds, but the referee ruled the match a draw as time had already expired. (See “Saved by the Bell”) Two months later, in a brutal shootfighting contest against the American fighter Vanessa Chewey, Freja suffered a sprained neck and was forced out of action for more than a year.

Freja finally returned on July 28, 2013 to compete in another shootfight against Callisto Lucioni of Italy. While Callisto dominated her for most of the match, even reducing the Swedish blonde to tears on two occasions, Freja eventually won the fight via a neck-scissor that choked Callisto out cold. (See “Tears of Pain”) Her victory earned her a title shot against the IWFC champion Yulia Koroleva on October 13. It was a hard fought match but the Swedish blonde at last succumbed to the Russian champion in the third round and tapped out to her opponent’s vicious head-scissor.

In 2014, Freja opened the season with a wrestling match against her rival and friend Ida Svensson of Denmark on March 30. She had fought the Dane many times in the Scandinavian catfighting league with mixed success. This was the first time they faced each other in the IWFC and it was a fight down to the wire until Freja finally prevailed in the fifth fall, submitting a tearful Ida with a head-scissor. However, she would lose the next three matches against formidable opponents in Gisele Medeiros, Belén Zenere, and Charlotte Cummings, thus ending her year on a down note.


Loss united-kingdom_mini Charlotte Cummings
Shootfight Submission
Loss argentina_mini Belén Zenere
(Best of 5)
3:2 Submission
Loss brazil_mini Gisele Medeiros
(Best of 5)
3:2 Submission
Win denmark_mini Ida Svensson
(Best of 5)
3:2 Submission
Loss russian_mini Yulia Koroleva
Shootfight Submission
Win italy_mini Callisto Lucioni
Shootfight Knockout
Tears of Pain
Win united-states_mini Vanessa Chewey
Shootfight Submission
Draw france_mini Yvonne Lefébure
(Best of 5)
2:2 Time Saved by the Bell
Win united-states_mini Lorna Fiscella
(Best of 5)
3:2 Pin
(Body Press)
Loss argentina_mini Belén Zenere
(Best of 5)
3:1 Knockout
(Rear-Naked Choke)
Win canada_mini Megan Callahan
(Schoolgirl Pin)