Svensson Ida

Name: Ida Svensson
Born: April 23, 1991
Height: 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Weight: 115 lb (52 kg)
Nationality: Denmark
Hometown: Copenhagen
IWFC Record: 1-4-0


Early Life

Ida Svensson is a Danish professional swimmer/model who’s best known for her sex tape scandal in the summer of 2009, when after her training she made out with French swimmer Marie Bourgoin by the pool side. The two were caught on security camera and the tape was secretly leaked to the press. Half a year later, Ida was tested positive on substance abuse and banned from all international swimming competition for life.

Her infamous sex tape story paved the way for her entrance into the catfighting world. And her athleticism and tenacity soon propelled her to stardom in the Scandinavian catfighting league. She became the youngest ever to hold the title “Queen of Catfight” twice. In 2012 she was introduced to the IWFC by her friend and rival – Sweden’s Freja Jörgensen.

Fighting Style

Ida’s sweet looks earned her the deceptive nickname “Barbie Doll” in Scandinavia. In the pit, however, she’s anything but. While she did not receive any combat sports training during her youth, she’s quick to learn and relies on her natural athletic abilities to win fights after fights. Her favorite moves include various sleeper holds she’s known to administer from any position. She easily won the distinction of winning the most number of fights with KOs during her times in Northern Europe. On the flip side, her tolerance to pain leaves much to be desired. While she held her own against amateur catfighters in Scandinavia, in the IWFC when facing some of the top women in combat sports she was often made to submit particularly to rib-crushing body-scissors.

Career in the IWFC

In March of 2012, Ida Svensson was signed by the IWFC upon recommendations from her Swedish friend Freja Jörgensen. She even became the first person to join the Hellcatz without having wrestled a single match. On March 11, Ida debuted against Gisele Medeiros of Brazil in a hard fought contest that ended with the Dane’s heart-wrenching submission. Half a year later she was challenged by the Irish fighter Bridget Turner who also wanted to join the Hellcatz. They fought a match on September 23 with a special stipulation that the winner makes the Hellcatz and the loser banished. The two blondes traded KOs until Bridget surprise-attacked Ida in the fifth and final fall of the match, choking her out once again with a neck-scissor. It was a controversial ending, but Ida was ousted from the Hellcatz as a result. (See “The Irish Whip”) A month later on October 28, Belén Zenere mocked Ida backstage and boasted her own victory over Bridget back in July. Provoked by the Argentinian’s insults, Ida challenged her to an impromptu catfight and taught her a lesson in humility by choking her out cold on the mat.

Unfortunately Ida could not sustain her momentum into the new season when she was pitted against the Egyptian fighter Ranim Khouri on May 12, 2013. Ranim focused her attacks on Ida’s vulnerable midsection and submitted her in three straight falls. On July 14, 2013 Ida was asked to play the complementary role in an IWFC calendar photoshoot that featured the popular French fighter Yvonne Lefébure. When Ida refused to job to the arrogant French brunette, they brawled in the studio until the poor Dane was reduced to a whimpering mess with her own panties stuffed down her throat. The photoshoot proceeded as planned, only this time Ida was left writhing on the carpet as the loser to a real catfight. (See “The Photoshoot”)


Loss france_mini Yvonne Lefébure
The Photoshoot
Loss egypt_mini Ranim Khouri
(Best of 5)
3:1 Submission
Win argentina_mini Belén Zenere
2:1 Knockout
Loss ireland_mini Bridget Turner
(Best of 5)
3:2 Knockout
The Irish Whip
Loss brazil_mini Gisele Medeiros
(Best of 5)
3:1 Submission
Rookies Faceoff